Sylaps for Business – Video conferencing for web, desktop, and mobile business platforms

As we ring in the new year, there are exciting offers now
available for Sylaps Business.

Sylaps Business enables real-time communication on any
device or platform. It’s perfect for businesses looking to integrate data,
audio, and video streaming into their products. Instant communication has never
been easier or more secure.

Offers just launched for Sylaps Business
are competitively priced. Unlike some competitors, packages are customized for
every budget and unique need. Our Developer package offers full access to
JavaScript Widget and Client SDK. The Cloud package has full access to CPaaS
Server with up to 100K minutes per month. Communications-platforms-as-a-service
(CPaaS) are cloud-based solutions that allow organizations to add real-time
voice, messaging, and video into existing enterprise applications via APIs.
These communication APIs include WebRTC, which includes similiar capabilities
to browsers and mobile apps and services. Lastly, the Enterprise plan is
fully customizable with unlimited minutes per month and allows recording and
scheduling.  Enterprise is also HIPAA

In addition, Sylaps Business also offers add-ons for users including HD audio streams and premium support 24/7.

Sylaps software is also available in several languages while being compatible with mobile, desktop, and most web browsers. Our products are built with our consumers in mind. Sylaps strives to reach each user in a more efficient way.

Users can also be confident that their privacy is secure
while using Sylaps Business.

Sylaps Business is perfect for small and large-scale company needs. We are excited to see what the new year holds, and we look forward to growing with our users. For more information, visit

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